DragonRuby Game Toolkit - Jam Craft Edition

JamCraft 5 has concluded. The links below have been removed. See you next year!

Hello game devs. Below is a link to a free "Game Jam" License to DragonRuby Game Toolkit: A commercial, cross-platform 2D game engine.

This zip file includes a sample app/starting point specifically for this jam (see the animated gif below).

A full rundown of DragonRuby Game Toolkit is here.

Ping me (@amirrajan) in the DragonRuby Discord if you hit any snags.

Super Easy Setup Guide:

  1. Unzip file (download link at the top).
  2. Go to the directory that represents your operating system.
  3. Run dragonruby.exe.
  4. Open mygame/app/main.rb in the code editor of your choosing. A Jam Craft starter game will load up.
  5. Change the code.
  6. Save the file.
  7. Watch the game change.
  8. There are 40+ sample apps under the samples directory that show everything GTK can do.

How to Publish Your Game:

  1. Done coding your game? Cool!
  2. Fill out mygame/metadata/metadata.txt.
  3. Double click dragonruby-publish.exe.
  4. A folder will appear called "build" that includes Windows, Mac, Linux, and Web versions of your game.
  5. Upload to Itch.